How It Works:
1.  Fill in your information on the on-line form.
2.  Submit your information and $285.00 payment to Attorney Dolan.
3.  You may submit your payment and information on-line.  If you are not comfortable submitting your information and payment on-line, you may submit both via first class mail.
4.  Your complaint in divorce will then be prepared and sent to you for your signature.
5.  Your complaint in divorce will then be filed with the court.  Your spouse will then receive a copy of the complaint filed with the court.
6.  90 days after your spouse receives the complaint in divorce, your final paper work can be prepared for both of you to conclude your divorce.
7.  The $285.00 dollar fee includes all attorney's fees, filing costs, mail costs, and banking fees.
8.   The  $285.00 fee, minus applicable banking fees, is refundable only at the discretion of Attorney Dolan.  Request for refund must be made within 24 hours of the initial payment.
9.  It does not matter where you were married, and only one of you must have resided in Pennsylvania for a minimum of 6 months.
10.  The fee does not include  include property settlement agreements, child custody or any other matters.  WE WILL BE HAPPY TO PREPARE ANY CUSTODY AND PROPERTY SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT!
11.  It will take approximately 120 days after your spouse receives the complaint in divorce to conclude your divorce.   No specific time is guaranteed.

His professional Status can be verified by contacting the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts in Camp Hill, PA at

(717) 787-6181.


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